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Consider these facts: Brazil is the only country in the World to stage both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in a two-year span in the last 20 years. Brazil has organized more top-level events in a 12-year period than any other country in history. Brazil has staged the first ever Para Pan-American Games, the World Military Games, and the CONMEBOL Copa America of soccer.

This exposure has created legacies. More than the tangible legacy of sport venues and urban infrastructure, it creates knowledge - knowledge that stays with the people that organized the events.

HSF Sports has started just recently, but individually, the senior partners were involved in high-leverage leadership positions since the Rio Pan-American Games of 2007.  We were there from the start of the organizing committees of every Major Event held in the country. To put it simply, we were exposed to multiple situations, endured adverse conditions, and literally solved thousands of problems.

And we delivered the events in challenging environments, common in developing economies: budget problems, unstable political environment, lack of integration and cooperation among institutions, bankruptcies of major suppliers, etc.

This sum of experiences results in a company that knows how to handle these immensely complex events, special when they are organized in developing economies, where crises happen almost weekly.

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Hubner, Edgar

Edgar is a respected member of the Latin American Sport Industry. He was responsible for the organization and coordination of Brazil's largest scholastic sport program for more than 13 years, while managing the School Games and Youth Sport Development for the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

A Broadcast Operations executive for the Rio 2007 Pan-American Games, a venue manager in Curitiba for Brazil 2002 South American Games and an international consultant for the 2017 Cochabamba edition, and a Venue Manager (Rio de Janeiro) for the CONMEBOL Copa America 2019. Edgar also participated in the preparation and in loco and climatization of several Pan-Ams and Olympics Brazilian missions.

Edgar brings, as a result, a wealth of experience and seniority to any Sport Industry project.

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Siviero, Roberto

Roberto has been involved in the Sport Industry in Brazil and abroad for the past 20 years. Starting in professional soccer with Corinthians from Sao Paulo, later on he filled high-level positions for the Rio 2007 Pan-American Games, London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018 FIFA World Cups, and Copa America 2019.

An expert in strategic and operational planning, his broad experience in all operational aspects of organizing committees, both in planning and operational phases, granted him the ability to employ analytical skills in identifying the best methodologies, governance structures, integration of processes and services, and team management. Such capacities are critical for the successful organization of international football tournaments and multi-sport games.



Hermida, Rodrigo

One of the greatest specialists in volunteer programs in the world, Rodrigo has been working for more than 15 years in the management of sports mega-events.
At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, he planned and led the largest volunteer program in the history of Brazil (at the time of its implementation), with over 20,000 people involved.
As the main manager of the Human Resources area of the Pan and Parapan Games in Lima 2019, he coordinated the recruitment and selection of professionals for the functional areas and supervised the volunteer program.
Rodrigo stands out in the creation of organizational models, a key to establish a solid structure for an Organizing Committee. Furthermore, his attention to processes and negotiation skills allow for the creation of foundations for the strategic and operational planning of organizations.


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